Basic Course

The main programme of the EuroSSIG is based on a 48 teaching scheme, subdivided into three modules. The main programme serves as a general guideline for the composition of the individual courses at the regional summer schools.

While the themes on Modul 1 are seen as global themes which will be covered mainly by members of the EuroSSIG Academic Faculty, themes in Modul 2 and 3 are more practical oriented and include also regional specifics.

MODUL 1: THEORIE (24 hours/4 hours per lecture)

1. The Historical Dimension: From TCP/IP to ICANN 3.0
2. The Policy Dimension: Theoretical Concepts and Diplomacy
3. The Technological Dimension. Code, Protocols and Standards
4. The Legal Dimension: International Law, Privacy and IPR
5. The Business Dimension: Internet Economy and the Domain Name Market
6. The Development Dimension: Internet Governance & the Digital Divide

MODUL 2: POLICY (12 hours/2 hours per lecture)

7. Role of ICANN
8. Role of the Internet Governance Forum
9. Role of Governments
10. Role of the Private Sector
11. Role of Civil Society
12. Role of Intergovernmental organisations

MODUL 3: CIR MANAGEMENT (12 hours/2 hours per lecture)

13. Root Server Management
14. IP Address Management
15. ccTLD Management
16. gTLD Management
17. iDNs
18. Role of Registrars & ISPs

Background image by: Manfred Kloppert, Dresden